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ESPN 75th Anniversary Vignettes

Produced by ESPN, these short-form retrospectives will feature some of the most significant moments and important people in Little League history. The vignette series is scheduled to air throughout the summer of 2014. You can watch all of them on YouTube.com/LittleLeague

George W Bush

CC Sabathia and Mom

Watching the LLWS

Krissy Wendell-Pohl

Chris Drury

Todd Frazier

Mike Mussina

Bill Bradley

Michael Cammarata

Founding of the Little League World Series #1

Founding of the Little League World Series #2

Big Dreams

Lloyd McClendon

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What is the name of the first Little League® graduate to play professional baseball?

The correct answer is D. Allen “Sonny” Yearick.

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What state each year hosts two Little League® World Series?

The correct answer is Delaware.

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On what network can you watch the majority of Little League® games each summer?

The correct answer is ESPN.

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