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Little League® Parents - Get Involved

For 75 years, parents have been the driving force of Little League®.  Without dedicated parents, guardians, and family members, there’s no way Little League could provide the fun competition, and opportunity to build life-long friendships to over 2.4 million kids in 83 countries.  So, as we celebrate our 75th Anniversary, we’d like to thank all of our parents for their commitment to their local leagues.

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Little League has become the largest and best youth sports organization in the world largely because of our devoted groups of volunteers – everyone from umpires to coaches.  It’s the parents, however, that Little League relies on the most to help the organization provide the very best experiences, both on and off the field, for youngsters.


There are many roles parents play at the local level.  Of course, their main responsibility is supporting their child, and providing them with positive reinforcement throughout the season.  However, parents’ responsibilities extend far beyond their own children.  Parents play a crucial role in maintaining, and growing local Little Leagues. 

A strong local league benefits everyone involved – kids, coaches, businesses, and communities as a whole.  The very best way for parents to support their league is to be active and involved.  Whether parents assist in the concession stand, volunteer to be a Team Mom, chip in with field maintenance, or help out coaching, local leagues can always use additional parent support.  And, Little League is there to support parents, as well.  We recognize that the more informed parents are, the more positive the Little League experience is, and the more fun kids have.  Parents are encouraged to sign up for The Parent Connection, a monthly email newsletter that keeps parents engaged and informed.  Topics include rules and regulations, kid fitness and safety tips, and how coaches and volunteers are screened.  Click here to sign up and view The Parent Connection.

Once again, Little League would like to show its appreciation to all parents for their continued support of their local league.  2.4 million kids in almost every corner of the world have greatly benefited from the commitment their parents have made, and continue to make.  If you are a parent and a volunteer – thank you.  If you are a parent, and have not yet volunteered at your local league, please get involved.  Everyone will benefit when you do.
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What is the name of the first Little League® graduate to play professional baseball?

The correct answer is D. Allen “Sonny” Yearick.

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What state each year hosts two Little League® World Series?

The correct answer is Delaware.

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On what network can you watch the majority of Little League® games each summer?

The correct answer is ESPN.

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