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How to Find a Local League

Through 75 years, Little League Baseball and Softball has evolved into a community-oriented volunteer youth sports program, designed to give neighborhoods the opportunity to provide healthy and fun social activities for its local children and families.

From its founding, Little League has made it a priority to protect the integrity of its member leagues by establishing boundaries for the territories from which players are drawn. Each local league creates a boundary map of the area that it services and that map is reviewed annually. The map is placed on file with the volunteer district administrator and submitted to the respective region office for approval.

Finding a local Little League near you is as simple as entering your area's zip code into our League Finder tool.

Go to the League Finder

Thousands of Little League districts and leagues have joined with our sponsor, Active.com to create websites. These websites contain contact information and other information concerning the local Little League program. 

If, after using the League Finder, you are provided with more than one choice, you may live in a zip code that is served by more than one chartered Little League. In that case, you may already know the name of the league in which you reside, so simply select the appropriate league from the list. Remember, no single residence can be in more than one league’s boundary (see the note below regarding boundaries).

If you are not sure which league is the appropriate one, you can click on the link for the District Administrator in your area, and he/she can help you identify the correct league that serves your residence.

If your search does not result in information for the correct league, you should contact the appropriate Regional Office. You can find the list of those contacts below.

Regional Office Contact Information

There are more than 7,000 chartered Little League programs worldwide, in every U.S. State and dozens of other countries. So, chances are, you live in one of those leagues’ boundaries. If it turns out that you do not live within the boundaries of a chartered Little League, it may be necessary for the people in your community to come together and apply for a charter. The process for chartering a Little League is not complicated. To receive information on how to charter a Little League, click below.

Charter a Little League

NOTE: Little League regulations require at least one parent (or the legal guardian as appointed by a judge of appropriate jurisdiction) to have a residence of bona fide continuous habitation within the boundaries of the league in question, or the player must have a written waiver to play out of boundaries that is issued by the Charter Committee in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

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